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Save today and Ship Smart.

For cost sensitive shipments, large or small, Air Freight is your best option. And, it just may be more economical than you think.

Need an accurate quote?

Our new online quote form allows you to precisely enter information regarding your shipment so there are now pricing surprises.

We'll baby your baby.

When it comes to shipping your vehicle across country, border or internationally, no one beats World Cargo's quality of service.

Economical and Timely.

Via big rig our rail, ground freight is the most common way to ship your coveted goods nationally.

The ride isn't over yet.

Snowboard/Ski season has come to a close. If you're traveling about and need your gear shipped, drop us a line.

World Cargo is your Vancouver partner for international shipping, freight forwarding and overseas moving.

With more than 35 years of combined experience in the Vancouver shipping industry we offer an expansive network of locations and freight forwarding experience to provide you a fully array of international freight, transportation and shipping services. Our dedication to our customers, whether business or personal, is second to none.

Love letters...

Shipping services from WorldCargo has been exceptional and professionally organized for every single pallet shipment, including a great air freight service we just can't beat.

Organic Trader ships internationally and as smart business folks know, reliability is always in the people, and the service and people at WorldCargo not only do not disappoint, they deliver excellent value and dependability, making my executive life easier. You can't beat that! 5 Stars.

- Joseph Borkovic, CEO, RnD